About us

Our Mission
Our Mission

Promote the solar energy growing market in Saudi Arabia by providing our customers with complete packages of solar solutions. We provide our customers 100% support

Our Vision
Our Vision

To offer competitively high quality products and efficient services, in order to provide our customers with solar systems exceeding their expectations in terms of systems’ lifespans, profitability, and payback periods.


To be a leader in the solar energy industry by providing enhanced energy services, creating a strong network of certified partners, and introducing new technologies to the Saudi Arabian Renewable Energy Market.

Member on SASIA
Member on SASIA

Saudi Aramco Approved Products
Saudi Aramco Approved Products

Why chose us

Why Solar Power ?

Greenhouse Gasses Emissions, Fossil Fuels Variable Cost, Fossil Fuels Diminishing Reserves

Experienced Team

The packages available include repairing any errors, troubleshooting the PV system, Training the technicians, etc…

Low Installation Costs

DELMON Solar offers reliable solar power components that combines efficiency with cost effectiveness

Variety of services

Completely Off-Grid solar solutions, On-grid solar systems, Solar pumping systems and most of the other solar power solutions offered worldwide.

Used for Many Purposes

We provide you with different power saving options according to your needs.

Services & Support

we also offer a wide range of additional services and tools to make your business successful

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