Ranger uranium mine rehabilitation cost blowout jabiru

Ranger uranium mine rehabilitation cost blowout jabiru

(Updated August 9, 2014, 11:21 am)

THE NEW KERALA — The construction work for a hydrocarbon development at Karunganj on the coast is going badly, even as officials say the work is going well.

“The contractors are trying to find out the cost,” Kishan Kumar, vice-president (economic affairs) at the Karunganj Development Board (KBD) and executive director of J&K Petroleum Co. Ltd., told The Hindu.

The development cost blowout at the Karunganj mine is likely to hit RM80 million from the government’s last estimate.

The government’s last survey showed the mine would cost an additional RM11 million, but the latest one shows the costs in excess of Rs120 million.

According to Kishan Kumar, Karunganj development board (KBD) and the contractor have been working at anatyasastra.com low level, especially when the company has to build and install senatyasastra.comveral other projects.

“We are trying to reduce our costs so that we can deliver the project in the budget,” he said.

While the main contractor’s latest estimate of RM1.55 billion is for the project, Kishan Kumar’s own calculations show the value of the project has risen to between Rs2.8 billion to Rs2.98 billion.

The contractor told us that they are looking at raising its price and if the project can’t be built, it will need to be transferred to another company.

According to a senior petroleum ministry official, the project is on track to achieve full functioning in one year, but he said it may take a little longer.

“The main contractor is doing well, but our task-force is trying to reach a consensus, but the company is not working as it should,” the official said.

Kishan Kumar said it was good that the company was putting the development work on the back burner, as in previous years it did not have the budget.

“We are working as hard as possible in order to complete the project in an efficient manner,” he said.

The KydexCorp-run company has already invested Rs50 million, but Kumar said it will be at least Rs20 million more by the time the project is completed, and this was a necessary decision taken by the government.

“The decision-makers were더킹카지노 expecting more resources from the government,” he said.