Newcastle uni to house new research hub for iron ore industry

Newcastle uni to house new research hub for iron ore industry

Photo: James Jenkins

A second major project will see the construction of a $25 million research facility on the university campus.

The proposed “Steel and Mining and Coal Co-operative Research Institute” will open its doors to academics, industry representatives and researchers working at university and community colleges around the country.

Tasmania Chief Minister Nick Smith says it represents a new chapter in the state’s journey to becoming a major iron ore hub.

“We’ve just completed one of the biggest economic development projects in the state’s history and it’s the first of what could be many projects of great significance that come our way from the university,” he said.

“This will make Newcastle one of the world’s leading research destinations in the field of iron ore.”

Mr Smith says it will also be a crucial resource for the state’s economy.

“This means that for the next 50 years, Newcastle will have that expertise when it comes to what you need in our industry,” he said.

“This can be the centrepiece to the development of our whole iron ore industry.”

Premier Mike Baird says there was some controversy about the project but he won’t l바카라사이트et it delay progress on its opening.

“When you get a big idea like this out the door, there’s 바카라사이트a lot of people who would like to see it built and operate and that is what I think the government has recognised,” he said.

The new institute will also include research centres in the city, regional and state areas, including the Goldsmith Institute, the Royal Sydney University, the University of New South Wales, the University of Tasmania, Queensland Polytechnic and the University of Sydney.

A new research hub for copper, gold and silver has also been announced by Dr John Gauld, a professor of metals science at the University of Tasmania, and Professor Steve Johnson, director of the School of Geological Science and Technology at the University of New South Wales.

The research centre will be part of Newcastle’s research initiative of the same name to research developments in metals.

It will begin with a team of academics, researchers and industry representatives in June with the aim of developing a technology-driven industr바카라ial hub for copper, gold and silver in the north-west of the state.

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