Missing girls thought to be in syria say british police are protecting them

Missing girls thought to be in syria say british police are protecting them


Associated Press

BRUSSELS (AP) — British police said Thursday they are defending an activist who said she was abducted for six weeks in Syria and held against her will for more than a year.

Yousef al-Qassam, 38, told an interviewer that at least six girls, aged 바카라15, 13, 12 and 10, were kidnapped by regime agents after moving to northern Syria from the Jordanian city of Ras al-Ayn about a year ago. He said many of them were held in detention centers.

He told French newspaper La Croix he had spoken to other Kurdish girls who were released by regime forces, but his claim was widely disputed.

Kurdish activists have long accused the Syrian government of abducting and mistreating girls living in liberated territories, and also of beating and mistreating them. They say children were being forced to dance as a sign of their submission during religious rites and held on buses without food or water.

Qassam, who has called for the UK government to stop providing aid to Syrian Kurdish fighters, was released after several days of being held by a group of men he met online. He claimed he was offered “money and freedom” in exchange for being quiet, but authorities accused him of false allegations.

The BBC said British authorities had refused to release al-Qassam under the European Convention on Human Rights and the Geneva Convention against Torture.

카지노 사이트He also alleged that Syria’s opposition and allied groups were behind the allegations of abuse, saying in December that several of the women had been raped and abused.

According to French media reports, at least six girls were freed after a woman in his town was kidnapped by regime forces. He said he had spoken with a young Kurdish girl freed at Damascus Airport but it was unclear whether or not the girl had been held in Syria.

Syria’s Kurds have long been persecuted by the government and accused of terrorism and carrying out violent acts. The government denies all accusations and has said it is keeping the situation under control and that Syrian Kurds have joined the fight against바카라 Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.