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Delmon Solar is the only Energy Solutions Provider you’ll ever need.We do the site survey, the studies, the calculations, the design, the supply, and the installation. We provide you with different power saving options according to your needs. We sell and help engineer systems for residential, commercial, industrial, mobile, and specialty applications. Apart from providing the technical and sales support you need to install, upgrade and maintain renewable energy systems, we also offer a wide range of additional services and tools to make your business successful.We have an experienced and qualified team of professionals in all requisite areas and have strategic partnerships with international top market manufacturers to provide end-to-end solution in system integration services.

Our Certified Partners
Canadian Solar is a Top 3 World Leader in Solar with 13-year track record.

Delmon Solar Co. is the authorized distributer of Internationally & Locally Certified PV Panels & PV Inverters. We offer our customers Complete Solar Power Kits gathered from the highest efficiency and the most cost competent products provided by Our International partners from all around the world. Due to our products reliability in Saudi Arabia’s harsh environment, most of our products are APPROVED BY SAUDI ARAMCO.

Our EPC services

Site surveying, Designing solar power systems that best fits the site specified, Preparing feasibility and cost-effectiveness studies, Proposing the optimal solutions for our clients, Supplying all the required project components and materials needed, Installing the solar power system required, Ensuring that the system works with maximum efficiency by testing and commissioning, Provide the additional service of proposing maintenance plans.

Our Project Proposals

A list of the Solar Power System Components & their specifications, The project’s specified location solar radiation analysis, Summarized logical design calculations, A complete system functional block diagram, All products specification sheets, All the studies needed: Feasibility, Profitability, and Payback Period calculations.Installing the solar power system required, Ensuring that the system works with maximum efficiency by testing and commissioning, Provide the additional service of proposing maintenance plans.

Operation & Maintenance

Delmon Solar offers its clients the option of signing a separate contract of operation and maintenance from different packages available referring to the project's, proposed. The packages available include repairing any errors, troubleshooting the PV system, Training the technicians, etc…


Many different applications are there to choose from when it comes to solar power. The clients should always ask for an optimal design which gathers the feasibility and the efficiency. So DELMON Solar offers reliable solar power components that combines efficiency with cost effectiveness.

Solar Panels

As we are the authorized distributers of many PV panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. We offer most of their panels depending on the customers’ requests, and the projects’ applications requirements. Delmon Solar offers many different types and sizes of PV panels depending on the location and the specifications of the application requested. Our experienced team of engineers will help you choose the best Solar Panels’ specifications that best fits your applications.

DC-AC Inverters

We choose our suppliers carefully, and we deal with only the top in the solar industry. We offer our clients the optimal inverters depending on their application. We are the authorized distributers of the top PV inverter manufacturing companies worldwide. Delmon Co. Ltd. (Solar Energy Division) Offers of all Inverter types. Off-Grid Inverters, On-Grid Inverters, Hybrid Inverters .

Solar Charge Controllers

When it comes to an off-grid system, solar charge controller is a very important component that affects the whole system. Buying a poor charge controller may affect the whole solar energy system installed. This is why Delmon Solar makes sure that the charge controllers we provide matches the efficiency of the other components we supply so we can confirm that our clients get the best energy saving experiences. Depending on the client’s request and the applications requirements we provide two charge controller options to choose from :- MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Charge Controllers. PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Charge Controllers.


There are many solar batteries’ suppliers and providers worldwide, but Delmon Solar provides the customer comfort as we offer our clients the best fitting options where he can choose from, depending on the specifications he provided and depending on the other solar components of the energy system offered as the batteries has to be compatible. Delmon Co. Ltd cooperates with the best solar battery suppliers worldwide in order to have the battery options that fits the many applications we offer. We provide all types of batteries. Lead Acid, All Types Lithium Ion, Nickel Cadmium.

Connection Accessories

All accessories needed for a solar power system to be connected including DC cables and Connectors. Mounting Structures: COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED depending on the customer’s will and the site’s requirements.<br /> Enclosures: Battery enclosures, inverter and controller enclosures, etc..<br /> Protection: AC Breakers, DC Breakers, Grid line protection, Surge protectors, etc…<br /> Monitoring Accessories: Solar Power systems monitoring and controlling hardware + software, through mobile phones, PCs, or via monitoring devices.

Solar Water Pumping Systems

We provide complete solar water pumping systems according to our customer’s water need. Our trusted solar water pump suppliers provide high quality, very efficient, and very cost effective products. One of the most reliable solar water pumps suppliers we cooperate with is LORENTZ. Of course, the client would be given the option to choose from our list of products and many different brands depending on the specifications required for the application requested. Submersible Solar Pumps, Surface Solar Pumps, Pool Solar Pumps. We provide the service of proposing a full solar water pumping system including the solar panels, the inverter, the solar pump, the controller, and all the required system components. Our experienced team of engineers would be ready at any time to install this type of solar systems at your location.

Solar Lighting

All types of solar lights including Solar Lights of all pole heights from 1-meter garden lights till 10 UP TO 12 meters’ highway street lights. In addition to the typical pole solar lights, Delmon Solar Co. offers: wall mounted solar lights, camp lights, parking lot lights, hanger lights, garden ground mounted solar lights and all.

Solar Street Signs

Cooperating with DELMON HSP Division, we have been able to provide the best and the most reliable solar street and road signs for the most economic prices in the market. We offer solar street signs of all types and all sizes while providing the materials from the most reliable manufacturers worldwide.

Solar Thermal Heating Systems

As the conventional electric water heaters are very poor when it comes to energy saving, Delmon Solar offers solar heating solutions that will save your money and will save our planet. Delmon Solar offers the solar thermal water heating technology which provides the client with a complete heating system including the solar heating tubes, the solar tanks, all the connections and accessories. The options we provide for our customers are:- Heating Swimming Pools, Heating Household Water Tanks.

Canadian Solar Products

Canadian Solar MAXPOWER 72-Cell Solar Panels, Canadian Solar SuperPower 60-Cell Mono PERC Solar Panels, Canadian Solar 60-Cell Monocrystalline Solar Panels, Canadian Solar 60-Cell Polycrystalline Solar Panels.