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Delmon Solar is the only Energy Solutions Provider you’ll ever need. We sell and help engineer systems for residential, commercial, industrial, mobile, and specialty applications. Apart from providing the technical and sales support you need to install, upgrade and maintain renewable energy systems, we also offer a wide range of additional services and tools to make your business successful.” We have an experienced and qualified team of professionals in all requisite areas and have strategic partnerships with international top market manufacturers to provide end-to-end solution in system integration services.

Our EPC services
Our EPC services include:
  •   Site surveying.
  •   Designing solar power systems that best fits the site specified.
  •   Preparing feasibility and cost-effectiveness studies.
  •   Proposing the optimal solutions for our clients.
  •   Supplying all the required project components and materials needed.
  •   Installing the solar power system required.
  •   Ensuring that the system works with maximum efficiency by testing and commissioning.
  •   Provide the additional service of proposing maintenance plans.