off-grid solutions


OFF-Grid Solutions

As we offer many ARAMCO approved highly reliable products, the off-grid solutions we provide are mostly for sites were electricity grid is not easily reached, or for applications where installing an off-grid PV power plant would be more feasible than installing a power plant or creating a new transmission line. The off-grid solar energy systems Delmon Solar Co. provides include the components shown in the figure .
Most of the off-grid solutions we provide are for ARAMCO projects which are implemented in desert areas where the electricity is very difficult and expensive to reach.By developing our products and solutions day by day, we have started offering solar power off-grid solutions which are even better and more efficient than diesel generators for the sites far from the grid.

Our off-grid solar energy solutions include:
  • Solar off-grid power plants.
  • Solar power UPS for times of power outages.
  • Solar off-grid energy saving solutions.
  • Off-grid camping accessories (phone chargers, camp lights, camp generators, and all the energy solutions you need for camping).
  • Off-grid lighting solutions.